The art of swimming pool landscaping

An outdoor swimming pool and surround can be a truly luxurious space for relaxing and entertaining. Well-designed landscaping and planting around the pool creates a resort-like oasis and enhances the overall look and feel of your garden. Here are some of our favourite ways you can transform your pool into a stunning showpiece.

Create an outdoor living area

Think about how you plan to use your pool and the space around it. Perhaps your priority is a fun spot for games and sports, in which case you should install a recreational zone with fun activities set up. If you plan to entertain and host guests, create an outdoor dining room with seating and tables for drinks and bites.

Having a series of different zones around the pool would be a stylish way to add interest to the pool setting. You can create distinct areas with fencing, walls or planting, which will also increase privacy. Think about levels too. Consider having an elevated seating area so you won’t get splashed by overenthusiastic swimmers when you’re relaxing on your outdoor sofa.

patio-linking-house-and-poolLandscaping materials for a pool surround

When choosing landscaping materials for a pool surround you should consider the aesthetics and slip-resistance. Are you going for a sleek and contemporary look or naturalistic and informal? If your swimming pool is a natural pool in a rustic setting a durable, attractive natural stone like sandstone or limestone would be ideal. Porcelain would suit a modern style garden and it tends to stay cooler than stone in hot sun.

If you have enough space around your pool, consider a simple lawn which can look good if it is well-maintained. Grass will add a lush green texture to the space and is soft underfoot which makes it ideal for children playing.

Build a pool house

An attractive pool house can provide you with a warm, dry changing room and somewhere to shower without having to go into your main home. You can also have dedicated storage built in for towels and play equipment. Upgrade it to a luxury summerhouse and you’ll be able to enjoy the space in all seasons.

Planting for your pool surround

Plants bring colour, texture and life to the hard landscaping around a pool and soften the overall look. The best plants for a poolside setting are those with long floral displays and evergreen shrubs and trees which don’t shed many leaves. Remember to avoid choosing plants with spikes or thorns too. Built-in planters can help to prevent soil and leaves ending up in the pool and will also add height to create multiple levels of interest to the scene.

Hedges and trees also add privacy and create areas of shade. Pleached trees will lift a planting scheme and their limited size will ensure they don’t grow too big to take over the space.

Pool landscaping for homes in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire

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