Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools

A swimming pond or natural swimming pool is specifically designed so you can swim in pure, clear water with no chemicals. The design can range from formal to entirely natural, and it is all at once a practical swimming facility, a beautiful landscape feature and a wildlife sanctuary.

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A swimming pond cleanses the water naturally, and so avoids the need for harmful chemicals.

The natural swimming pool consists of two distinct areas, the deeper swimming area and the surrounding shallow area with the plants which provides the filtration.

We are able to provide you with a natural pool that will look perfect in your garden and will look great all year round.

Natural pools are unique in many ways:

  • scientifically proven bio-filtration system to guarantee clean and clear water 365 days of the year
  • 5 Pool types to give flexibility and meet client requirements (size, shape, style, level of planting/wildlife, budget etc.)
  • pools can be heated up to 28 degrees

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