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Industry joins together to help against Xylella threat

Following growing concern about the potential impact of the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa on the UK environment, earlier this week the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), together with several garden retailers and growers, have coordinated an embargo on imported stock from infected … Continue reading

A chair from your lawn

Fancy having a grass armchair in your garden? Now it may become a simple reality following the the relaunch of a project to make it easy for anyone to create using a kit, to which you just need to add … Continue reading

Growth of city trees can cut air pollution

Planting trees is a cost-effective way to tackle urban air pollution, which is a growing problem for many cities. A study by US-based The Nature Conservancy (TNC) reported than the average reduction of particulate matter near a tree was between … Continue reading

How will the climate have changed by 2050?

Talking at the HTA Garden Futures conference, Dr Ross Cameron from the University of Sheffield explained how climate change would affect gardens between now and 2050. According to Dr Cameron  here are the predictions for changes in the weather between … Continue reading

Australians mourn tree that ‘failed’ university students

Is it the end of an era, or a new chapter in a beloved mythology? The sudden collapse of the University of Sydney’s famed jacaranda tree has triggered a wave of grief in Australia, with staff and alumni mourning a … Continue reading

A 1,075-year-old tree

A 1,075-year-old tree located in northern Greece is said to be Europe’s oldest living thing, say scientists. The Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii) was dated by counting the rings, which are formed each year as the tree grows.  Paul J Krusic, … Continue reading

What has happened to our seasons?

A recent BBC programme on Radio 4, discusses the issue around the changing seasons and the changes in climate. Do you feel like you’re mowing your grass more these days? There’s a reason why. The Met Office recently issued a … Continue reading

Hedgecutting ban in August

Defra’s decision to extend the hedgecutting ban to August was based on analysis of bird nesting records provided by volunteers to the British Ornithology Trust, Farmers Weekly can reveal. Farm leaders and farm contractors have reacted angrily to Defra’s decision … Continue reading

New Edible Garden Planned

At RHS Garden Hyde Hall near Chelmsford, Essex, work has started on a Global Growth Vegetable Garden. The garden, set to open in summer 2017, will challenge perceptions of conventional kitchen gardens and showcase an extraordinarily diverse range of edible … Continue reading

Plant Disease Alert – High Risk

A new strain of Xylella fastidiosa, a bacterial disease, could have a wide and damaging impact on our urban landscapes and countryside. The EU is on high alert for this disease and we must be especially vigilant in the UK. … Continue reading