View your bespoke garden design in 3D with Artscape

At Artscape we take a modern approach to presenting bespoke garden design plans and visuals for our clients in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

We use the latest computer-aided design (CAD) technology to provide your bespoke garden design in 3D and bring your vision to life, and help you make the best decisions for your outdoor space

Bespoke-garden-design-in-3DAn Artscape garden design project starts with sketches

We still sometimes use drawings at Artscape in the initial development of a garden design to sketch out ideas. These artistic impressions and mood boards begin the design process, where we discover the style of garden you prefer and types of features you would love to have in your garden.

Artscape’s computer aided design (CAD) service

The next stage of our garden design process is to turn these ideas into a three-dimensional representation of your future garden.

Unlike traditional hand drawn plans, Artscape’s 3D garden design service show you how your garden will look and feel from various angles. We can also change the time of day in the images so you can see which areas get the most sunlight or how your garden could look when illuminated at night. We can show navigable panoramic views to bring an element of realism unimaginable just a few years ago and we can also create a video.

Traditional 2D plans have drawbacks

Even when well-drawn, a traditional 2D flat design can make it difficult to visualise the completed garden, especially if the landscape has sloping lawns or terraces of varying levels.

In contrast, CAD visuals give you a far more accurate representation of the garden design, showing you in realistic detail how your finished future outdoor space could look.

Bespoke-garden-design-in-3DPreview your bespoke garden design in 3D

Our CAD service allows you to preview colourways and textures, whether that’s the type stone for a patio or flowering shrubs in a border. You are not limited to looking at samples, you can get an idea how proposed landscaping materials and features will look in the garden.

  • Explore different materials such as gravel or sandstone for a pathway, or types of fencing.
  • View different colour options for elements such as painted garden structures
  • Understand the effect of changing a landscaping element such as widening a pathway, moving a pond, or replacing a brick wall with a fence.

You can re-think your ideas and see the proposed changes before work begins and they are set in stone. Being able to preview ideas accurately also avoids any potentially expensive mistakes or changes being required during the construction process.

Bespoke-garden-design-in-3DEnjoy a better view of your dream garden

A computer model is particularly useful when an outdoor area has multiple levels. Our 3D images will clearly show any changes in levels as well as vertical features, such as trees or buildings.

You view your garden design from different angles and times of day to see the effect of sunlight on your outdoor space for instance. While a panoramic 3D walk-through will put you in the picture with a tour of your garden design.

Revise the design and view the results

Our CAD drawing service also allows you to easily make design adjustments before any construction work begins. Without the need to redraw designs on paper by hand, a great deal of time and money can be saved during the design process. If you decide to change the route of a path, add extra raised beds, or change the colour of a gazebo, we can modify plans and visuals more easily than before.

Let’s create your dream garden together the up-to-date way

A major garden design and landscaping makeover is a significant investment and takes careful planning and expert design knowledge. By employing the services of experienced garden designers using up to date 3D modelling software for your project you can be sure of achieving your ideal outdoor living space.

Whether you want to transform your garden in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire or Surrey please contact us today and take the first step to achieving your perfect garden. We will be delighted to work with you on your exciting project.