Garden design and build project in Cookham Dean, Berkshire

Garden design and build project in Cookham Dean, Berkshire

This garden design and build project for a residence in Cookham Dean in Berkshire showcases our garden design process. Our clients came to Artscape as they were planning to have a contemporary home office built in their garden along with new landscaping and planting. Their existing garden needed to be reconfigured and improved as it was overgrown with poorly laid out, worn, unsafe paving.

Every bespoke Artscape garden design and build project begins with a garden design consultation and visit to your site where we can discuss your overall objectives for the space. Following this meeting we develop a written design brief and proposal for your approval.

Path to the perfect garden

This is the design presentation we produced for our client’s Berkshire grounds, including the back and front gardens. Artscape’s contemporary concept included a garden office, raised vegetable beds, new paving, and planting. A wildlife pond was decided upon during the design process.

Designing a garden is complex and detailed, but we will guide you every step of the way. Our aim is to make it a truly enjoyable and engaging experience.

During the first stage of the process with our client we presented initial concepts and discussed changes and additions to the design.

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First design presentation of the proposed scheme

This presentation can include mood boards, photographs, panoramic images, and 3D visuals to convey how your finished garden or landscape will look once constructed. This is the stage to help you review the plans, suggest changes, and make well-informed decisions before your garden build takes place. Our client decided at this stage to incorporate a garden pond and amendments were made to the size of the garden building so the building company could modify their plans.

Key features of the Cookham Dean back and front garden design include:

  • Planting scheme for textures, scents and colours, and year-round interest
  • Access path to the garden office with a seating area outside the building.
  • Improved vegetable garden with raised beds
  • New paving throughout
  • Wildlife pond
  • Outdoor lighting for aesthetic appeal, and enhanced safety

Artscape’s 3D Garden Design

It can be a challenge to envision a new garden design from a mere plan, that’s why at Artscape we offer a 3D service for clients in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, as part of our comprehensive garden design and build approach.

As you can see, 3D visuals enable you to view your project from various angles and at different times of day.

Here, the 3D garden design visuals allowed our client to see the ideas that would transform the old garden in Cookham Dean into a beautiful and revitalised functional space. It also helped us to agree how best the garden could be illuminated.

If 3D still images are not enough, an animated walkthrough gives you a realistic and vivid depiction feel of the garden’s final appearance. It’s also an effective way to visualise the result of changes and modifications, such as enlarging a sun deck or altering the type of materials. We can also portray the appearance of trees, shrubs, and flowers when they have grown and matured.

Walkthrough 3D animations

3D animation is particularly useful if you have a large, complex, or challenging site where it might be more difficult to clearly envision the finished design.

Hard and soft landscaping

Construction and planting have now been completed for this Cookham Dean garden by our Artscape team, and we look forward to showing you how the garden matures in the year to come.

We believe that designing and installing the perfect garden is a collaborative effort. We walk you through every stage of the process, sharing our wealth of knowledge, ideas, and creativity to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

For more information on our garden design and build services please call us at Artscape on 01628 629238