Natural style swimming pool in Berkshire

Natural style swimming pool in Berkshire

This residential garden design and landscaping project began with the modification and conversion of an old-fashioned traditional concrete swimming pool to be a more visually appealing, natural style swimming pool. Other features of this garden design project included a wildlife pond with accessed board-walk to the pool, gazebo, natural planting, lawns, pathways and seating areas.

Our client wanted the style of their new garden to have a simple, contemporary formal structure with informal, natural and elegant planting.

Contemporary natural style swimming pool

The old light blue swimming pool was an eyesore and looked particularly out of place and uninviting in the winter months. The new dark pool in a landscape setting looks natural and alluring all year round. Black tiles were used in the new swimming pool which gives the pool a natural, reflective dark inky look. The dark bottom of the pool naturally absorbs heat from the sun too, which warms the water. Instead of a ladder, this pool has been created with steps into the water to allow swimmers a safe and easy way to enter and exit the pool.

Next to the swimming pool, the Artscape team built an eco-friendly living pond with a mix of pond plants to establish a healthy environment for wildlife to flourish.

Water features are a wonderful addition in any garden, whether it’s a simple fountain or an informal pond, the water will bring soothing sounds, sparkling reflections and movement to the scene.

Luxury landscaping design and construction

This bespoke solid-roofed gazebo, also known as a pavilion, is an open sided, square timber structure with a tiled roof which complements the style of our clients’ house. The gazebo provides shelter from both sun and showers and is a relaxing place to sit with wonderful views of the whole garden. The adjacent terrace for lounging and sunbathing has been built with natural stone paving which compliments the paving around the owner’s house. Further landscaping includes a timber boardwalk and binding gravel paths, walkways to the pool and tennis court and a timber bridge over the pond and boardwalks. Decking over a section of the pond like this provides additional valuable shade for wildlife.

Naturalistic planting design

The stylish planting scheme mimics the wild, lush natural beauty of a prairie and is far removed from a traditional, high-maintenance design. This is a garden imbued with romance and mystery, while also providing a habitat for wildlife. The naturalistic planting has a refined palette and uses drifts of plants in random patterns to give the space a soft, wilder aesthetic.

Swimming pool 5 - before

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