Garden Design and Build

Artists Impression

Artists Impression

We carry out the design and build of gardens for clients as it ensures the highest quality service.

By using Artscape Design & Build you will avoid misunderstandings and potential expensive mistakes that can occur if you use a separate designer and landscaper; we will be responsible for the garden design and the build.  This makes it easier for you as you will know that everyone from the designer to the landscaper understands your needs.  We work in a way that ensures a high quality service with minimal disruption for the client.

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Garden Design

Example Decking

Example Decking

Artscape has designed and built hundreds of gardens – traditional and contemporary, small and large – so you will benefit from our experience and knowledge. We know what works – the layout, the plants, the paving, the decking…. in fact every element of what makes a great garden design. Before we start building you will see designs, artist impressions, planting plans and mood boards ensuring that you are getting what you want, but guided by our experience.

Build Only

If you are a designer or a client with your own design, we also carry-out ‘build-only’ projects.

Your Perfect Garden

Every garden is unique and tailored to the clients needs.

Call us on 01628 629238 to tell us about your ideas and we will create the perfect garden for you.

Featured Garden

Artscape was invited to create an imaginative contemporary garden and swimming pool with great night-time appeal. See garden.

Contemporary garden