Your outdoor space checklist

Would you like to create your ideal outdoor space?

Answering these six quick questions will help you to plan your garden project.

1. Who will use the outdoor space?

Will the garden be for a family with children, for individuals or larger groups?

2. How will you mainly use the outdoor space?

Your intended uses might include sunbathing, playing games, entertaining, eating outside, growing produce, watching wildlife and so on.

3. When will the outdoor space be used?

Will you want to use the garden mainly in the daytime or evening, just in the summer months or all year round?

4. What are the current drawbacks to the space?

Do you have any security or safety issues? Is the garden overlooked? Do you want to hide an eyesore? Is the garden too shady or prone to flooding?

5. What practical features do you want to include?

Do you need somewhere to store garden equipment or furniture? How about siting recycling bins or a washing line?

6. What style of hard and soft landscaping do you prefer?

Are you thinking structured and formal or rustic and natural? Traditional or contemporary? Collect images and create a mood board to discover your favourite style of materials and plants.

Read our guide on how to choose the perfect garden style for you.

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