Planting to soften hard landscaping

Hard landscaping is an important part of any garden, as it provides structure, privacy and a practical, stable surface so we can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. However, this type of landscaping can sometimes look harsh and uncompromising. At Artscape, we aim to design new hard landscaping using natural materials that look organic, with curves and shapes that create natural flow and calm in the garden. Think of a gently meandering path which inspires exploration. Artscape provides a full garden service, and our professional horticulturalists understand how plants can transform any outdoor setting.

Plants bring patios to life

If a patio or terrace has a bland appearance, the right planting scheme will enhance the space and bring it to life. You could grow plants in pots or other containers, or you could simply lift and remove some of the paving slabs and plant directly in the soil underneath. Where you can, widen any borders to allow for larger plants.

Plants add softness to manmade features

Foliage and flowers can be used to soften the transition between different areas of hard landscaping. The edges of paths can be softened with low-maintenance, long-flowering perennials that return year after year. Also, think about climbers to cover plain walls and fences, and cascading plants for pergolas and arches. Consider low-growing, creeping plants for gravelled areas or filling spaces between paving stones in a sunny spot. Thyme is a tough herb and able to withstand trampling and the herby fragrance is delicious.

Soft-plantingVertical planting

Climbers can also help to blur boundaries and make small plots appear much larger, and they don’t take up much ground space. Climbing plants are ideal for covering and disguising unsightly structures, and when grown against your house they’ll help your home to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Climbers can also prolong seasonal interest when grown through mature trees or shrubs.

Let Artscape create a new planting scheme for you

Please get in touch with us today so we can discuss a planting scheme that will bring your garden to life.