Plan the perfect landscaping for your garden and lifestyle

Garden landscaping is a big trend with many designers focusing on their client’s gardens becoming all-weather outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining, especially with more time is being spent at home these days. Our team of landscapers and garden designers at Artscape have developed many beautiful and functional garden landscapes for homeowners in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Hard landscaping is a key part of every garden design; adding the structure, functionality and style to the outdoor space. It’s the foundation that defines the way your garden is used and looks and should be what you plan first. Soft landscaping is the living part of your garden: the plants, trees and lawns. A successful garden design will achieve a harmonious balance between both soft and hard landscaping.

Hard landscapingGarden Layout

First, think about how you would like to use your garden so the landscaping can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. By creating separate zones, you could enjoy your garden at different times of day and in various ways. Perhaps you would like a sun deck, a gazebo for shade, a children’s playground and a cosy terrace for dining on cool evenings for instance. The different zones could be created as flat areas on sloping ground, raised on varying levels or divided by decorative walls within the garden.

Landscape Style

LandscapingWhat style of landscaping would you prefer? Are you going for a wilder rustic look with natural curves, a traditional, formal layout with well-defined geometric shapes or a sleek and modern space? A typical contemporary garden design has crisp, elegant lines and a high-quality finish.

Landscaping Materials

Hard landscaping should complement your property, like a Japanese-inspired garden we created. It is always best when your outdoor surfaces work in harmony with your home.

Different hard landscaping materials can be used to define and separate the zones in your garden; such as stone for a dining space, timber for a sun deck and grass or bark for a play area. The size of the area and what it will be used for will guide you to the most garden landscape designsuitable materials. Exploring and selecting materials is an enjoyable part of landscaping your garden and there are many options to consider. As well as colour and texture, durability and practicality are important considerations for any garden setting too.

We have landscaped gardens in all kinds of materials ranging from a brick staircase and striking grey natural stone terrace to slate paths and decorative natural stone paving and gravel paths and light travertine paving for a property in Berkshire.

Buildings and features

Building and featuresMany homeowners are making greater use of their outdoor spaces by investing in new buildings such as a conservatory, yoga or art studio, home office or summerhouse. A swimming pool or a private area for a hot tub are high on the agenda too.

Special features like the built-in fire pit, bespoke outdoor kitchen with barbecue and breakfast bar we created for a Berkshire garden made a stunning space for our clients to enjoy year round entertaining. Other ideas to explore include vertical structures, such as pergolas, sculptures, water features such as a fountain or natural pond and beautiful lighting.

All these will have an impact on the layout and design of your garden, so it pays to have everything carefully detailed in advance of construction.

If you are planning a new scheme for your garden or want to radically alter its structure, our garden design and landscaping team would love to work with you to design and build a garden that will transform your property and lifestyle. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your plans.