Don’t wait till spring. Get your garden landscaped in winter

Winter is an ideal season to get your dream garden built, ready for you to enjoy in the spring and summer. Our team at Artscape work all year round to create exciting landscape improvements, and winter months can sometimes be the best time to transform an outdoor space.

If you have ideas for landscaping your garden or planting new trees and shrubs, don’t wait, get the job done now. Here are just a few of the benefits of having your garden landscaped in winter.

Winter is a great time to look at ways of improving your garden as plants lose their leaves and the structure of the garden is revealed. We can put together a design with 3D images to show how your new garden will look, produce planting plans, or simply add a new feature to your garden. Planning now helps to ensure your garden is transformed in time for those summer months.

Having your landscaping work completed in the winter will mean less inconvenience for you and your neighbours, as being indoors you won’t be disturbed by noisy machinery, dry dust, and mud. And we are usually able to structure the project in such a way that we are able to continue working throughout a winter project.

Less disturbance to wildlife and plants

Your garden is dormant too. So, trees and plants will be less affected by landscaping works. During the winter birds aren’t nesting and bees aren’t foraging so they are unlikely to be disturbed by pruning and cutting back. If you’re planning to move any of your plants, they are more likely to survive in their dormant state than if they were uprooted in the spring when they are putting all their energy into new growth.

Winter can be a good time to lay a new lawn with turf too. Laying turf in winter can achieve a better, more robust lawn as the grass will put down roots and settle before spring. The newly laid turf won’t need watering thanks to increased rainfall; and it won’t be damaged by being walked on too soon.

garden-design-1New plants, trees and large shrubs can be planted when they’re dormant, provided the soil isn’t frozen. They’re easier to plant when not in leaf and when planted with care will establish quickly in early spring. Mature trees and hedging can be sourced with bare roots to make transporting and planting easier, and are generally a lot cheaper than pot-grown specimens too,

Arrange your winter landscaping project today

Beat the spring rush and get your garden landscaping project underway in the winter.

Our Artscape landscapers and horticulturalists can get to work creating a new landscape ready to be revealed in the spring. Whether you have a garden redesign in mind or need inspiration for your new-look garden, we can help.

For advice and information on your garden makeover project, please get in touch with us today.