The Environment

Artscape and the Environment

The environmental impact of garden design and building has come to the fore in recent years. Artscape has been giving consideration to this for many years, and depending on client requirements include the following in their projects:

  • Peat free compost to avoid peat bog destruction
  • Use of wood from renewable resources, use of re-cycled products such as paving, glass, and timbers
  • Avoid removal of waste and try and incorporate it on site where possible
  • Creating good composting facilities
  • Laying lawns that are drought resistant to minimise water usage
  • Minimising the use of fertilisers and weed killers
  • Use of ‘free draining materials’ to avoid water run off
  • Installing water butts or large catchment tanks which can collect water from the house
  • Incorporate wind turbines and even ground heat pumps for heating swimming pools and summerhouses
  • Living fences
  • Natural swimming pools